Bristol’s Clean Air Plan

There are three stages (or “business cases”) in developing the Clean Air Plan. The first stage  – the Strategic Outline Case or SOC was submitted and approved by Government at the end of March 2018. The key documents are available below:


Some of our Outline Business Case (OBC) documents are available now, see below, these are draft documents and data reports that set out our methodology and assisted with our baselines for the technical work.

GBATS4M MetroWest documents:

In June 2019 Bristol’s Cabinet approved consultation on two options derived from the work done in the strategic outline case. Consultation runs from July 2019 to mid August 2019 and further information on the options will be provided during consultation.

More documents will be made available as they are finalised.


The final stage in the process will be the Final Business Case (FBC). These will be published in due course.