Bus services in Bristol are operated by a number of companies. Whilst the Council subsidises a small number of services, the vast majority are commercial services. BCC can influence the operation of these services through a number of mechanisms (e.g. traffic regulation conditions, bus partnerships) but the level of control is limited.
We have made significant improvements to bus services in recent years. These include:
MetroBus, a rapid public transport system that will provide an express service to key destinations in the area using a combination of segregated busways and lanes, will use low emission vehicles.
Working with the bus companies to reduce the pollution from older buses has led to a retrofit project to reduce emissions from 35 of the most polluting buses from a grant awarded in 2015 and recently Bristol won £2.2m for cleaning up a further 81 buses operating in Bristol and South Gloucestershire..
As part of the Clean Air Plan, we are looking at several non-charging measures that help improve bus services and encourage a shift towards cleaner buses. We will work closely with bus operators, users and other stakeholders to develop and refine these measures as the Plan progresses.