This is still under consideration with a number of options being considered. In our feasibility study, we considered three sizes of Clean Air Zones. These were:

  • A large zone – this was roughly the Bristol urban area within the boundary of the M4 and M5 and excluding areas within Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) and North Somerset.
  • A medium zone, roughly the Air Quality Management Area. Two other variations of the medium zone were considered, to include two smaller Air Quality Management Areas in South Gloucestershire Council (but within the city of Bristol).
  • A small zone, within the inner ring road.

These boundaries are shown in the map, below left. The feasibility study indicated that a large Clean Air Zone would not achieve compliance with legal air quality requirements quickly enough because implementation time is very long. Therefore it will not be considered further.

As part of the initial work to assess responses to a CAZ, the medium boundary was revised as shown below (right). This is an indicative boundary to support modelling and will be subject to further consultation. Many factors will be considered before the final boundary is determined. These will develop as the Plan progresses and we welcome your thoughts.