The Clean Air Plan considers a range of measures that make it easier for residents and visitors in Bristol to make their journeys on cleaner, more sustainable modes of transport. These are detailed within the Strategic Outline Business Case, and summarised below.

  • Introduction of further Bus Priority Schemes (further details regarding schemes to be developed subsequently)
  • Introduction of variable parking tariffs in the Council owned car parks to discourage polluting vehicles and / or incentivise take up of electric vehicles
  • Expansion of Car Club to areas of the City with high level of ‘uncompliant’ vehicles
  • Development of new and / or improved cycle paths to encourage more active travel mode (further details regarding locations to be developed subsequently)
  • Introduction of subsidised bus travel for certain demographic or income groups

The final package of measures will not be decided until December 2018 and we will be consulting and engaging with as many people as possible as the package is developed.  We would like to hear from you about how a Clean Air Zone would affect your journeys, what alternatives you currently have, as well as where you would like to see improvements.  Such feedback will help us develop solutions that are fair and robust.