Air quality monitoring in Bristol is comprehensive and long-standing. Bristol’s monitoring network is focused on NO2 as the concentrations of this pollutant near busy roads exceed the health‐based national objectives and European Limit Values. The current air quality situation in Bristol is shown in this map, which shows measurements of NO2 from diffusion tubes at locations across the Bristol urban area.

BCC monitors NOx and NO2 using a combination of automatic “reference method” instruments and non – automatic (passive diffusion tube) monitoring.

The automatic monitoring stations are located at:

  • Brislington Depot, Bath Road
  • Fishponds Road
  • Parson Street School, Parsons Street
  • Junction of Wells Road and Airport Road

In addition to the sites listed above operated by BCC, Defra operate two automatic sites measuring NOx and PM in St. Pauls and on Temple Way.

Further information can be found here.