There are three key phases of the Plan.

  1. Strategic Outline Case (Shortlisting options): ended March 2018;
  2. Outline Business Case (Detailed study of options) – 2019
  3. Full Business case (Preferred Scheme and mitigations) – 2019

Phase one developed and analysed a wide range of possible options to improve air quality in the shortest possible time. A long list of options was reviewed and screened to get to a short list of packages. We have published our shortlist of packages as part of the Strategic Outline Case (SOC) on our website.

In Phase two (April 2018 – 2019), we will carry out a technical assessment of the short-listed packages, assessing them against a range of outcomes (impact on air quality, health, traffic, equality, etc). We will also carry out extensive engagement work to get the views of residents, commuters, and other stakeholders on our packages, to make sure we’ve not missed anything important. This will enable us to select a preferred package of measures and determine how that package will be implemented, which will be presented in the Outline Business Case (OBC). We will also bid to government for both implementation and mitigation funding at this stage.

Phase three (2019) will involve fine-tuning of the preferred package of measures. We will engage with you to decide on the final details of design and implementation of the preferred package. This will allow us to put forward a final bid to the Government, in our Full Business Case (FBC), for funding to deliver the preferred package in 2019 – 2020.