What non – charging measures are being considered?

The Clean Air Plan considers a number of non-charging measures, summarised in the list below, a full list can be found in the SOC.

  • Introduction and enforcement of anti-idling zones for buses in the city centre
  • Increased Euro Standard requirements for taxis and private hire vehicles in licensing agreements
  • Enforcement of mandatory compliance for buses, taxis and private hire vehicles to access bus lanes and / or franchise routes
  • Retrofitting of Council and privately-owned waste vehicles
  • Provision of grants for taxi, private hire and LGV drivers to upgrade and / or retrofit their vehicles
  • Restrictions on goods vehicles movements in the City Centre and / or AQMA during peak hours
  • Exclusion of diesel cars from polluted parts of the city
  • Traffic management measures to relocate queues on Newfoundland Way southbound to M32 north of Junction 2
  • Further optimisation of traffic signal timings across the city
  • Targeted traffic management measures on Rupert Street and Bedminster Down Road
  • Enhanced traffic controls (soft traffic gating), including real time traffic management system across the city