No idling

Why is idling a problem for Bristol?

When vehicles idle, engine fumes create air pollution which damages people’s health. Research shows that air pollution contributes to over 300 premature deaths each year in Bristol.

We need to stop all unnecessary idling especially outside schools and hospitals where the most vulnerable people are exposed to harmful air pollution caused by engine fumes.

Idling myth busters

If I keep my car windows shut, I won’t be affected by air pollution.

You can be more at risk of harmful fumes inside your car.

It’s cold outside. I need to keep my engine on to keep warm.

If you switch your engine off while parked and keep the ignition on, the heater should stay warm for up to 30 minutes.

Idling is only a small part or the problem when it comes to air pollution in Bristol.

By switching off your engine when parked, you can reduce local pollution levels

Leaving my engine on for short periods prevents engine wear and tear caused by stopping and starting.

Modern vehicle engines do not have this problem. Switching off your engine uses less fuel and will reduce your fuel costs.

What can I do?

  1. Avoid leaving your engine running when stopped for a minute or more.
  2. Look at how you can reduce car journeys, perhaps by walking children to school or making shorter car journeys on foot or by bike.

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