To help reduce air pollution in Bristol, we should all switch to more active forms of travel whenever possible. By walking, cycling or scooting more often, especially for shorter journeys, everyone will have cleaner air to breathe. We can also reap the health benefits of being more active in our day to day lives.

Christina Gray, Director for Communities and Public Health at Bristol City Council speaks about the urgent need for cleaner air and how the Clean Air Zone is an opportunity to impact our lives for the better.


“Bristol, along with Birmingham, Bath and Portsmouth are implementing Clean Air Zones to meet the government’s legal requirements for clean air.

“Air pollution affects everybody and just like we need clean, unpolluted water, we need to have clean unpolluted air. But a particular benefit that I’d like to highlight for everybody is that these measures can encourage all of us to make changes to the way we travel. So, if we have more people walking or cycling using clean public transport options, that will absolutely improve health. Being active is known to be the best medicine. It really is the best medicine. Being more active can reduce the risk of heart and circulatory diseases, increase our lung capacity and it’s really good for our mental and emotional health.

“While the Clean Air Zone won’t be without its challenges, it does bring many opportunities to have better health and well-being for everyone in the city.”

For more information:

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