Active travel not only helps to keep our air clean but it can also help us feel good and improve our mental wellbeing.

While leaving the car at home might seem like a challenge at first, deciding to walk, cycle, or scoot more often can have a big difference. For those further afield, there’s also great options to bus, train, or car share into the city.

We’re currently offering free active travel offers to help you explore your options and save money too. Anyone who lives or works in Bristol is eligible to receive free offers to help find out what works for their everyday journeys.

Our current offers include:

  • bike and e-bike trials for up to one month
  • adult cycle training to help build your confidence
  • VOI eScooter credit
  • train vouchers
  • taster bus tickets
  • enterprise car club credit
  • a free travel planning session to help you explore all your options for your regular journeys

Apply now to receive any of our free active travel offers.


Some people in Bristol have already been putting these travel offers to good use.

Nafisa and Benedikt have been trialling our bikes for the last few weeks to get to know the city better:

“We recently moved to Bristol and wanted bikes to tide us over until our own bikes arrived. The bike loan scheme meant we could each borrow a bike for a £100 returnable deposit.

Cycling in Bristol has certainly kept us fit with all the hills! It’s also the quickest, cheapest and most convenient way to get around in our experience.

For those thinking about trialling a bike, we would definitely recommend it, you have nothing to lose! The bikes come fitted with everything you will need to get cycling straight away – panniers, bike locks, bike lights and even a cycle routes map.”


Jacob applied for train taster tickets and e-scooter credit to help make his journeys out of Bristol easier:

“I heard about the free active travel offers and I wanted to try different modes of transport. Using the train was brilliant, it is so quick from Bristol to London now, only an hour and a half. I took my bike on the train so I could cycle in London rather than paying for transport there, and I also got to know more of London that way too.

I’ve also used my Voi scooter voucher on another London trip when I got the coach to save money. In that instance, I couldn’t take my bike on the coach so I used the Voi to get from home to the coach station. It was quick and easy.

Using a bike or escooter instead of a car saves so much time when getting places, and the cost is kept down, which is great.”

If you’re interested in trying out new ways of travelling that won’t break the bank, apply for our free active travel offers now.