This October, we’re challenging everyone in Bristol to try new ways of getting around – whether that’s by taking the bus, walking, scooting, cycling or car sharing more often.

Changing just a few of your journeys each week can help you save money, improve the air we all breathe and keep you feeling fit and healthy.

The competition is easy to take part in. You can sign up as an individual or as a team of friends or work colleagues. You then log the journeys you travel throughout October, set targets and encourage each other along the way. There are prizes to be won each week for anyone who takes part.

Find out more on the Bristol Active October challenge page.

If you need any more convincing, we spoke to Mardi about why he’s taking part in this year’s challenge. Mardi works for law firm DAC Beachcroft. The firm has won the competition four times in previous years.


Why are you taking part in the challenge?

I am a person who needs to be pushed a bit to get into fitness mode. It helps when there is an ongoing challenge to give me the motivation to get active which I know always helps me feel fit, happy and positive. The challenge also provides more motivation to get active as I know it will make a positive contribution towards my team’s success in the competition. Taking part becomes a fun group activity with my colleagues and our friendly competitive spirit is all geared towards the greater good of sustainability.


Why do you like active travel?

It’s so much fun combining some physical activity like walking or cycling on your commute to work or the shops. I used to get bored on my hour-long commute on buses, so I used to get off and walk my favourite part of the journey 3-4 stops and that made me feel so fresh. Adding the active component to my journeys just adds so much fun and excitement to an otherwise boring routine commute!

An added bonus for me has been all the new friends I have made – my bus stop friends, my cycling buddies, my walking group mates… Life is so much better with active travel!


What advice would you give to someone that wants to get active for more of their journeys?

I would suggest whether you are walking, cycling or using the bus – try something different each journey and add a bit of spice to an otherwise mundane routine. Doing a bit of physical exercise will make you feel better. Active travel will also help you reach your destination quicker or almost the same time!

Active travel is the way forward – both from a personal health point of view and for the future of our city, our local environment.

Take Mardi’s word for it and sign up to the Bristol Active October Challenge today.