Many local companies are supporting cleaner air for Bristol by looking at how they travel to and from their sites. It is all part of the move to being more sustainable, reducing carbon footprints and lessening the impact we have on both the planet and the air we breathe.

The Jeff Way Group, an electrical contractor, construction company and training school based in Knowle, is a great example of this. Chris Way, Director at Jeff Way, is passionate about taking action to help the company meet its – and the city’s – ambitious goal to become carbon neutral by 2030.

We asked him a few questions about the Clean Air Zone, what they’ve done so far to prepare and how others can do the same.


What changes have Jeff Way Group already made?

We have already made changes to our Bristol depot making it more energy efficient by installing solar panels, wall insulation and LED lighting as well as moving to a greener, renewable energy tariff.

We’re playing our part in reducing air pollution by upgrading our fleet to vehicles that are either Euro 6 or completely powered by electric. To do this, we are using the financial support offered by the council. We already have 10 electric and hybrid vehicles, and we are committed to making the rest of our fleet vehicles compliant with Bristol’s Clean Air Zone.


What would you say to other businesses wanting to do the same?

My advice would be to make it as cost effective as possible by taking advantage of the various grants and funding available.  Both the council and the University of the West of England are particularly good sources. Basically, if you can, it makes sense to implement green and cleaner measures into your business.


Why do you think having a Clean Air Zone will benefit Bristol?

We’re very passionate about our local communities and by having clean air, we can help save lives. We know polluted air, full of vehicle fumes, affects everyone’s health and this needs to change.  We support the Clean Air Zone, despite it having a financial impact on us as a business, as it will improve air quality in Bristol. It is the right thing to do. We have invested already in our green fleet and we welcome the financial support from the council to upgrade our fleet further in the future.


How are you helping your staff prepare for the Clean Air Zone? 

We use our internal communication app to keep staff up to date, as well using it to announce our other green initiatives. All our teams have been informed about the changes coming in, as it is especially relevant to the teams working on council social housing projects in the centre of Bristol. In fact, the news has been warmly welcomed by the teams as they all know it will result in improved and upgraded vehicles for them to use!

To find out more about the improvements the Jeff Way Group has made, watch the video below:


Check if your business would be eligible for Clean Air Zone financial support or visit Bristol City Council’s Clean Air Zone pages for more information about the zone itself.